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M130 Crude Oil Morning Strategy

  • Simple but very powerful crude oil price action intraday trading strategy which makes use of yesterday's & today's market sentiment & data points to make trading decisions.
  • Risk Reward Ratio of 1: 5 to 1: 8. 
  • The benefit of having a 1 risk to 5 reward ratio is that you only have to win 17% of your trades to be profitable. In simple terms you need to profitable in only 17 out of 100 trades to be on the winning edge and the M130 strategy wins much more than that.
  • Monthly Income Plan strategy. Return on investment is very good, suitable for traders who want a regular monthly income from the market. 

How Does it work ?

  • Trader will need do a few simple calculations using the strategy based on yesterday's crude movement & today's market open.
  • Based on the calculations entry levels will be decided along with stop loss. 
  • If Crude oil touches these levels sharp breakout is expected & will give an opportunity to book 80-160 points.


  • M130 Crude oil Morning strategy helps you analyze the market and find quick, powerful entries so you don’t need to turn your hair grey by staring at your charts for 12-14 hours a day.
  • Don’t need to mess around with any complicated charts or indicators, tedious installations or technical issues. Our simple strategy is available to you instantly in PDF Format.
  • And the best thing is, you don't need to spend a fortune on purchasing this strategy.


  • There are maximum 20 trading days in a month. If you notice crude oil makes a big movement up or down in 5 to 6 days in month, medium movement for 6 to 7 days, remaining 5-7 days will be range bound / sideways movement.
  • This strategy aims to make profit in the trending days by risking very minimum points (20-23 Points). Thus results in a net profit at the end of month.
  • Each trade in trending days will give you an opportunity to book 80 – 160 Points.

Salient Features of the trading strategy

  • Best Crude oil day trading strategy.
  • Specially designed for intraday trading in crude
  • Our strategy logic helps you to find exact buying / selling rates with appropriate stop losses. (Very small)
  • Good Risk Reward Ratio of 1:5 to 1: 8 (20-23 Points Fixed Stop Loss) (80 – 160 Points Target).
  • Logic is to keep losses small and get more profits.
  • Maximum of only 2 entries in a day. No over trading.
  • Unique loss recovery technique to cover loss, if happens.
  • Simple Trend Following & Profitable Trading strategy, even a new trader can master easily.
  • No Technical analysis skills required involves only price levels.
  • Forget tips & advisories. Learn to convert your maximum trades into winning ones.
  • Suitable for working professionals
  • Strategies & methods are explained in simple language with examples and figures.
  • Learn for one time & earn for Life time

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