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MCX Nickel LIVE CHARTNickel Chart

Commodity Nickel Streaming Interactive Real Time 5 Mins Intraday Chart

In the above interactive chart, you will get detailed information about Nickel Futures. Such as Nickel Futures live quotes / prices and Nickel Futures real-time  5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, daily (End of the day), weekly, monthly and historical chart.

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MCX Nickel Historical Chart

MCX Nickel Historical Price Chart

MCX Nickel


Nickel (Ni) is a silvery white metal known for strength and ductility. Placed under the iron group of metals in the periodic table, its atomic number is twenty eight and the most common use of it is in the manufacture of stainless steel. Some of the most important characteristics of this metal are strength, ductility and resistance to corrosion. Nickel is known to display a good conductivity of heat and electricity – estimated to be equal to twenty five percent of the conductivity of copper.


Nickel belongs to the iron-cobalt group of metals in the periodic table. It is known to resist atmospheric corrosion and also resists reaction to acids except in case of oxidizing acids like nitric acid. Unaffected by alkalis, it is readily soluble in dilute acids. The compounds nickel carbonyl and nickel sulfide are considered toxic. It is classified as a carcinogen and is an allergen to many people. Therefore it is not widely used in dietary constituents.


Nickel is abundantly present in the earth’s crust and can be mined with ease. Researchers have established the quantity of it in the earth’s crust to be up to eighty ppm with up to hundred percent concentration at deeper levels.

The usual process of extraction is to react impure nickel with carbon monoxide to form Ni(CO)4 . This compound is then decomposed at two hundred degrees Celsius to yield almost 100% pure nickel.  


Some of the principle uses of Nickel are:

To form corrosion resistant alloys like Permalloy, nichrome and stainless steel.

As a protective covering for coins and strong magnets by electroplating.

In glass to form a green color

As a catalyst to hydrogenate vegetable oils

Manufacturing aircraft turbines and gas turbines

Ceramic manufacturing

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