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Commodity Zinc Streaming Interactive Real Time 5 Mins Intraday Chart

In the above interactive chart, you will get detailed information about Zinc Futures. Such as Zinc Futures live quotes / prices and Zinc Futures real-time  5 min, 15 min, 1 hour, daily (End of the day), weekly, monthly and historical chart.

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MCX Zinc Historical Chart

MCX Zinc Historical Price Chart

MCX Zinc


Zinc (Zn) is a metallic element with the atomic number thirty in the periodic table of elements. It was discovered in the eighteenth century, but it has been proven that zinc was known to the Romans before 20 BC also. By appearance it is bluish white and lustrous. Its primary uses include galvanization of iron, construction and cathode in batteries.


Zinc is categorized as a transition metal in group twelve of the periodic table. It has a low melting point at 420 degree Celsius and zinc loses elasticity and malleability at temperatures above 100 degree Celsius. It is also known to have a high heat capacity and heat conductivity.

When exposed to air for prolonged periods of time it forms a dull gray coating of zinc oxide making it lose its lustrous appearance. Zinc also reacts with other substances like halogens, oxygen, alkalis, ammonium and acids. It does not react with nitrogen and is thus considered an amorphic metal.


Zinc is mined from many different ores including galena, sulfide and silicate. Usually, the extraction process consists of concentration and roasting of the ore, after which it is reduced to zinc by electrolysis or by heating with carbon. Among the major zinc mining countries in the world are Russia, China, Australia and Peru. World production of zinc is more than eleven million tons per year.


Some important uses of zinc are listed below:

Galvanization of Iron: It is very useful for galvanization of metals, like iron to prevent rusting. Galvanized steel is used to manufacture cars, lamp posts and to construct bridges.

Alloys: Zinc is an important part of alloys like brass, nickel silver and aluminum solder.

Other industries widely using zinc and its compounds are pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and rubber.

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